DAT Load Board for Truckers are being invited to participate in the early access phase of DAT One Mobile.

Q: Do I get more loads with DAT One Mobile?
A: No, you will get the same loads on both applications. However, you will get access to additional tools like parking and fuel locations. 

Q: Does this mean that I shouldn’t use LB4T any longer?
A: You are in an early access group so you can use either application. However, we will be using your feedback to make the new application even better so we encourage you to use DAT One Mobile as much as possible.

Q: When will the new app get more features like Hiding Load, Worklist or Truck Posts?
A: The development teams are working hard on delivering features like these to you in the near future (by end of 2021). You are currently in the early access of the application.

Q: Is LB4T going away? This is my favorite app. 
A: DAT is committed to delivering the best mobile applications in the industry. At some point, this application will be replaced with DAT One Mobile which will be a better/richer experience.