If you are on either TruckersEdge Pro, or one of the DAT Power packages, you can take advantage of using DAT Assurance directly through the Load Board for Trucker application (currently only available in the Android version ,but coming to iPhones soon).

What is DAT Assurance?

DAT Assurance is a program for carriers that provides assistance in getting freight payments collected. DAT is partnering with an industry leader in credit and debt collection to help carriers collect past due freight payments on loads registered under DAT Assurance.

How do I register a load I've booked?

To register a load with DAT Assurance, simply click on the AVAILABLE link while viewing the details of a load.


The DAT Assurance application opens and displays the Register a Load page where you will need to complete the required fields.

How does DAT Assurance work?

If you are not paid for that registered load within 60 days, you can ask DAT to attempt to collect the debt for you. If after 120 days, DAT is unable to collect the registered past due freight payments, DAT issues the customer who registered the load a credit on their active DAT freight matching services subscription.  The amount of the credit is determined based on the subscription level.

Note:  Prior to receiving any collection assistance, you must first sign a Collection Service Agreement.