DAT Load Board for Truckers is designed to find exact matches based on the criteria you enter when searching.  If you are not getting any results when searching, here are a few things to look for:

  1. DAT Trucker Load Board is designed for carriers to find loads.  If your intent was to do a truck search, please log into the desktop version of your service.

  2. Try increasing your radius (DH-O).  Some areas do not have much freight, depending on the type of equipment you've selected when searching.  Increasing the radius can improve your chances of finding a load.

  3. Try increasing your date range.  If you are unable to find loads for today for instance, include tomorrow's date in your range to see what is available then.

  4. Try doing an "Any" search instead of an "Only" search.  When selecting your equipment type, you can be very broad (Any), or very specific (Only)

  5. When searching for a very specific type of equipment, like Flatbed with Tarps, you will find less results than if you searched for "any" type of Flatbed.

  6. Try widening your destination to include areas along your way.  Use DAT's Zone Map to identify states and zones along your path instead of just the state you are going to. When entering states and zones, do not separate them by spaces or commas (eg. Destination = Z9Z8TXAR)