DAT One offers all of our products in one place, and the same experience whether you are trying to access our website from a computer or a mobile device.
This is a quick start guide to help you easily find all the DAT tools you love on DAT One.

  1. Watch DAT One webinar
  2. How can I search loads?
  3. How can I save a shipment?
  4. How to book or bid on a load?
  5. How can I enable an alarm?
  6. How can I search for Straight Box trucks, Cargo Van, Sprinter Van loads?
  7. How can I post my truck?
  8. How can I create a load search from a trucking posting?
  9. How can I refresh a truck posting?
  10. Using the National Load Count
  11. How can I see loads/shipments related to my truck posting?
  12. How can I navigate to my tools - Onboard, Directory, Rateview, CarrierWatch, Market Conditions?

My Loads

Save load details,
sort and filter shipments,
update the status of a shipment...

Search Loads

Search Loads, enable alarms,
enable/disable real-time results,
trihaul, create a posting from a shipment...

Private Loads

Book and bid on private loads...

My Trucks

Post/unpost your trucks,
See related matches to your truck posting
Refresh your truck posting...